An LGBTQ superhero debuts in the new ‘Doctor Strange’ teaser

doctor strange teaser

Fans are getting their first glimpse at Marvel’s first Latinx LGBTQ superhero in the newly released trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Miss America, the super-powered alter ego of America Chavez, will make her MCU debut in the upcoming second installment of the Doctor Strange franchise, portrayed by The Baby-Sitters Club actress Xochitl Gomez. The trailer shows Chavez side by side with Strange as they presumably try to overcome the titular madness unleashed — if the footage shared services as an indication — by Strange himself. The trailer also shows a glimpse of the hero’s iconic star-emblazoned jean jacket.

Miss America

America Chavez, first appeared in Marvel Comics in 2011 and was given her own title in 2016 title America, making the character, who is a lesbian, Marvel’s first queer Latinx character to have their own ongoing series. In the Marvel Comics continuity, Chavez doesn’t share any real history with Doctor Strange and, in fact, has close bonds with some of the characters recently introduced in the Disney Plus Marvel streaming series including Kate Bishop from Hawkeye and Wiccan, the son of Wanda Maximoff, whose powers fans got a glimpse of in WandaVision. The character does have ties to the Multiverse, however, originally coming from another reality known as the Utopian Parallel. In addition to abilities that include super strength and speed, Chavez has the ability to create star-shaped holes in the fabric of reality that allows her and others to travel throughout the multiverse.

The trailer doesn’t drop any hints as to just how Chavez becomes involved with Doctor Strange or her relation to the other two big characters revealed in the trailer, Baron Mordo and Doctor Strange Supreme. But it’s safe to say that fans are already excited to see her in live-action for the first time.