An uncompromising revenge thriller captures new fans on streaming

promising young woman

One of the best movies to release last year also happened to be a very uncomfortable watch at times, which only reinforced the sheer thematic power and dramatic heft of Promising Young Woman.

An incredible first-time feature from Emerald Fennell, the combination of revenge tale, psychological thriller, jet-black comedy, and societal parable drew rave reviews from critics and became an awards season darling. Fennell ended up winning the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, with Promising Young Woman also shortlisted for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Editing, and Best Actress.

promising young woman

Speaking of which, Carey Mulligan is incredible as Cassie Thomas, a traumatized woman who takes matters into her own hands to right the wrongs of her past by living a double life with dangerous, duplicitous, and potentially life-altering consequences for those in her sights.

As per FlixPatrol, Promising Young Woman is now experiencing a second lease on life on streaming, having cracked the Top 25 most-watched list on HBO Max. You’ll definitely need a few minutes to process what you’ve just seen by the time the credits come up, especially when the third act hits like a punch to the gut, and it instantly made Fennell one of the industry’s hottest young talents to keep an eye on.