An Underrated Action Movie Is Finding New Life On Netflix


As we’ve seen countless times before via multiple titles from the respective back catalogues of Liam Neeson, Jason Statham and Denzel Washington, the weekend typically involves a mid budget action thriller starring a recognizable actor making its way up the Netflix most-watched list, with subscribers looking for an undemanding method of passing 90 minutes of so.

Lo and behold, Antonio Banderas’ 2017 vehicle Security is that movie at the moment, having come within touching distance of the platform’s Top 20, as per FlixPatrol. A derivative, uninspired and yet reasonably entertaining hybrid of Die Hard and Taken, the Desperado veteran plays Eduardo Deacon, a former elite soldier who now works mall security.

antonio banderas security

As you may have guessed, things go awry when he’s forced to protect a federal witness who escapes an attempt on her life. Seeking refuge in his place of employment, Eddie is forced to dust off his set of skills and kick all sorts of ass to save a young girl’s life and avoid the wrath of Ben Kingsley, phoning it in as the nefarious Charlie.

Security is not a good film, but if you’re willing to switch off your brain and give it a shot, watching Banderas dispatch of hapless goons is always something worth checking out.