An Unfortunate Alec Balwin Tweet Goes Viral After Being Revived By Infamous YouTuber Keemstar

Things have been difficult for Alec Baldwin after the tragic death that took place on set while filming Rust. However, an old Tweet the star made back in 2017 has made its rounds online once more thanks to it being remembered by one infamous YouTuber.

Daniel M. Keem, better known as Keemstar online, is the creator of one of the most popular YouTube shows out there: Drama Alert. As he announced his official retirement today, his name began to trend on Twitter. The platform automatically highlighted one of his recent Tweets from Oct. 23 in its “Top” category for the trend which paints Alec Baldwin in a negative light after the tragedy.

Many are now catching that this Tweet even existed for the first time, with large groups of users condemning Keemstar for being insensitive and bringing it up at all. However, just as many are using it to express outrage at the actor for letting the incident happen at all.

The death of Halyna Hutchins has been memorialized all over the internet. We’ve just got to wait and see if Alec Baldwin will return to the set to keep filming Rust at some point in the future.