Andrew Garfield is trending, and it’s got nothing to do with Spider-Man for a change

Andrew Garfield has been a hot topic on Twitter since the summer, as Spider-Man: No Way Home fans continue to debate whether or not he’s set to show up alongside Tobey Maguire in the Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel, or he’s been telling the truth all along and he’s really not part of the movie.

The actor has grown visibly weary of facing the same line of questioning every time he steps out in public, so he’d be thrilled to find out that he’s been trending all night for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with his heavily speculated and widely expected return to the world of spandex-clad superheroes.

Instead, fans can’t get enough of his performance in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Netflix musical Tick, Tick… Boom!, which has been going down a storm with subscribers since premiering yesterday.

tick tick boom

Based on the online buzz, Tick, Tick… Boom! is in with a real shot at dislodging blockbuster behemoth Red Notice from the top of the Netflix most-watched list, and it’s been getting much stronger reviews to boot. In fact, there’s been plenty of talk that Garfield is set to land his second Academy Award nomination for Best Actor as a result of his showstopping central turn.