Andrew Garfield Praises Kevin Feige, Who He Definitely Hasn’t Worked For

Andrew Garfield has been hit harder than most by the unending speculation that he’s set to return as a multiversal Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Tom Holland is sticking to the party line that he’s the only web-slinging superhero in the movie, while Tobey Maguire hasn’t been in a movie for seven years, so it’s not as if he’s out there giving a ton of interviews on the press circuit. Garfield, however, has been promoting The Eyes of Tammy Faye and now Tick, Tick.. Boom!, where the lines of inquiry always and inevitably circle back to Spider-Man.

During a chat with Extra, Garfield praised the direction Sony and Marvel have taken Spider-Man since his tenure under the suit ended. Interestingly, he had special praise for MCU architect Kevin Feige, a man he has most definitely never collaborated with in any capacity before….

“I really love what that whole team have done with the character. Like, I really love what Jon Watts has done, what Tom has done, what Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige have done with this incarnation of the character, and they have given it so much soul and so much fun and joy and it is so true to the character. I will say this: I’m very excited to see what they’ve done with their third installment.”

In exactly five weeks, Spider-Man: No Way Home arrives in theaters, and it can’t come soon enough for those growing weary of the incessant rumor, speculation and leaks. It’s almost time to separate the factual wheat from the hypothetical chaff, and it’ll be a massive relief for everyone involved once they can start talking about the movie.