Andrew Garfield reveals his one misgiving about returning as Spider-Man


Andrew Garfield has revealed the one big fear he had about returning as the webhead in last December’s Spider-Man: No Way Home. The closer to Tom Holland’s (first?) trilogy as the friendly neighborhood hero broke all kinds of records, not to mention fans’ hearts, with its emotional, multiversal storyline which saw both Garfield and Tobey Maguire suit up once again. While Maguire’s comeback was no doubt huge, it arguably meant more for folks to see Garfield back as his tenure as Spidey was cruelly cut short back in the day.

On the one hand, then, Garfield must’ve been eager to get the chance to reprise the role. On the other, he was a little apprehensive about doing so years after last playing the part. Speaking to The Telegraph, Garfield admitted that the fact he was a little older than when he last donned Peter’s skin-tight super-suit in 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 made him somewhat nervous. “Being a 38-year-old in spandex was the main fear,” the star joked. “So yes, I was dealing with that.” 

It’s fair to say that Garfield’s fears that he wouldn’t look good in the costume any more as he approaches middle-age were unfounded. In any case, the fact that Peter #3 was slightly older-looking than when he’d last appeared made sense within the plot, as it’s noted that it’s been some time since the death of Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy, although it’s left unclarified just how long after.

In fact, Garfield would be playing Spider-Man into his 40s if the fans had anything to say about it. There’s a fierce desire out there for the Tick, Tick… Boom! actor to follow up No Way Home with an Amazing Spider-Man 3, something even Tom Holland has stated he’d love to see. At this point, however, Garfield says he has “no plans” to slip into the spandex for a fourth time.

Spider-Man: No Way Home arrives on disc from April 12.

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