Here’s How Andrew Garfield’s Spidey Could Look In Into the Spider-Verse 2

The Amazing Spider-Man

Remember a few days ago when we had a glimpse at how Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man could look in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 (via fan art, that is)? Well, the same artist – Instagrammer Camille Vialet (@cvialet_art) – has now followed that up with an attempt at realizing Andrew Garfield’s animated alter-ego.

Garfield played the web-slinger in Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man reboot of the franchise, a run that stopped at just two films due to their underwhelming performances (and a burgeoning MCU). Given we’ve now seen Camille’s Spider-Verse impressions of Maguire and Garfield though, there’s a logical conclusion to this series of works and I suspect we’ll be seeing a Tom Holland piece soon enough.

As for the chances of actually seeing Garfield in a Spider-Verse movie? I ran through them in the previous piece, but it’s worth recapping. I think there’s a fair chance we could see a callback to his films (as is the case with Maguire), but the question is where? Well, a live-action Spider-Verse movie is reportedly in the works and if it happens, one imagines that’s where the callback will be. Then again, there’s been whispers that Garfield may return in the flesh for that as well, so we may be in for a real treat soon.

Got any thoughts on this Spider-Man Spider-Verse Spider-ful Spider-art, though? Drop a comment with them below. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 appears to have weathered the disruption caused to the film industry by the pandemic. Last week, lead animator Nick Kondo confirmed production was underway ahead of a 2022 release. It shouldn’t be too long then until fan-tasies (fan fantasies, you get me) like Andrew Garfield returning are potentially realized.