Angelina Jolie Is “Pushing” For This Eternals Team-Up

Marvel’s Eternals is one of the biggest films within the MCU in terms of heroes, powers, and casting. The cinematic adventure is in theaters now and is sweeping audiences off their feet. With some of the most incredible heroes we’ve ever seen, Eternals opens the door to another realm for Marvel.

The D23 Disney Inside podcast spoke with Angelina Jolie and Kumail Nanjiani on everything from a Thena and Maleficent face off to their biggest surprises in the Marvel realm and even wonderful Disneyland stories.

Jolie discussed fan opinions and enjoyed learning what they wanted in terms of pairings, fights, and character relationships when she brought up a pairing she’d like to see more of.

”I think Kingo and Thena haven’t had enough play. We were saying one of us is very physical one of us is very verbal. One of us is very…an extrovert and one of us is a bit of an introvert. We’re kind of perfect opposites.

Nanijani added that he agreed completely and loved that Jolie brought it up at the after-party for the premiere of Eternals.

“I think we would make a really good pairing and I’m so glad you said that to Kevin at the after party for the premiere. You were like what about the two of us?”

Jolie finished by adding that they’d be such a good pair.

“Yeah, we’d be so good. We’re pushing.”

You can see Marvel’s Eternals in theaters now.