Angelina Jolie Shares Her Training Secrets For Eternals

Angelina Jolie revealed during a recent interview with D23 Inside Disney Podcast the unique way she decided to train for her role in Eternals.

In the Marvel film, the actress plays Thena, an elite Eternal warrior with all the powers, including super speed, strength, and stamina. Thena is also able to form her weapons with energy.

Jolie disclosed that she used ballet to physically train to help bring out a feminine touch to her strong character. She also discussed the action scenes she had to participate in while filming Eternals.

“I trained in ballet because I watched the other Marvel films, and everybody [has ] just done such an amazing job. I wanted to try to bring something different to Thena, and I thought to make her as female as long and soft.”

The 46-year-old added, “Because as written, she’s the strongest fighter, she’s the toughest. So I countered it. I tried not to think about that…I tried to make as graceful as I could, not as strong.”

Despite adding a graceful touch to her character, Jolie also shared that the one thing she enjoyed was her ability to create any weapon. “Yes, I loved my fight scenes, and I loved that I get every weapon. I feel like the luckiest marvel fighter that I get to manifest everything.

Since the film’s release last week, it has generated about $162 million globally and $71 million domestically despite the negative reviews. 

Eternals is now in theaters.