Anna Kendrick Says Filming Twilight Was Like A Hostage Situation


While the Twilight franchise has a reputation for being infamously controversial, it’s probably safe to say that at this point, no one hates those films more than the actual cast members.

Based on Stephenie Meyer’s series of books, The Twilight Saga was hugely successful at the box office but ended up dividing cinemagoers over its artistic values. Of course, we could argue the same about the novels, which received their fair share of criticisms from the literary community as well. But when it comes to the movie industry, the stakes automatically get higher. Lead cast members Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have shown over the years that they didn’t exactly care for their time starring in the franchise and now, it seems that another one of their co-stars shares their sentiments, but not for the reason you’d think.

Recently, Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick chatted with Vanity Fair and had some nasty things to say about the filming of the first Twilight Saga pic, explaining:

“The first movie we filmed in Portland, Oregon, and I just remember being so cold and miserable,” she revealed. “And I just remember my Converse being completely soaked through and feeling like, ‘You know, this is a really great group of people and I’m sure that we would be friends at a different time, but I want to murder everyone.’ Although, it was also kind of bonding. There was something about it, like if you go through some trauma event. Like you imagine people who survive a hostage situation, and you’re kind of bonded for life.”

Kendrick played Jessica Stanley, one of Bella’s friends from school, in the first three films. While her presence in those flicks was limited to a supporting role, they essentially helped launch the actress’ career in Hollywood, leading to the successful Pitch Perfect series.

Meanwhile, Meyer recently announced that a sequel novel titled Midnight Sun is on its way, which will supposedly focus on Edward Cullen, meaning that after so many years of drought, fans of Twilight will now have something to look forward to again.