Another Avengers: Infinity War Theory Suggests The Soul Stone Is Key To Unlocking Avengers 4


As things stand, Avengers 4 is little more than an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, nestled in some far-flung corner of the MCU – somewhere out there next to Vormir, where the elusive Soul Stone resides.

Speaking of, that sixth and final cosmic ingot proved to be pretty instrumental for Infinity War‘s story, as it brought out some semblance of humanity from Josh Brolin’s Thanos, only to crush all hope in the most horrific way imaginable. Yes, as Ross Marquand’s ghostly Red Skull revealed, one can only acquire the Soul Stone and its near-limitless power by sacrificing someone they love, which goes some way to explaining why the long-lost Nazi was unable to wrangle the gem’s abilities under control.

And so, the Mad Titan killed Gamora, much to the horror of Star-Lord and MCU fans the world over…or did he? Now that the, ahem, dust is beginning to settle from Avengers: Infinity War and its remarkably bleak finale, one theory that continues to gain traction online is the one that suggests Gamora and her fallen allies are actually still alive, and are merely trapped inside the Soul Stone itself.

That exact theory is outlined in full by prominent YouTuber Webhead, who scoured the Nine Realms to compose what is arguably one of the most convincing Avengers 4 theories out there – second only to the all-but-confirmed usage of time travel.

Per Webhead:

Now my theory suggests that maybe Gamora and all of the Dead Avengers are actually inside the Soul Stone and they are not actually dead. Maybe the dead Avengers and Gamora will be resurrected in Avengers 4 and they will take down Thanos. Or maybe Gamora will use the power of the Soul Stone to communicate with Thanos in Avengers 4 and try to break him down mentally.

Currently simmering just north of $1.9 billion, Avengers: Infinity War is expected to complete its historic theatrical run over the coming weeks, and only then will we know if the Russo Brothers’ epic blockbuster has the necessary mileage to break into Hollywood’s two-billion-dollar club.

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