Another former ‘X-Men’ star voices support for MCU return


Having been the stars of thirteen movies spread out across 20 years, incorporating sequels, spinoffs, reboots, and sequels to those spinoffs and reboots during that time, the smart money would be on Kevin Feige wiping the slate completely clean when the X-Men are reintroduced into Marvel Cinematic Universe canon.

Of course, it can’t be discounted that at least a couple of familiar faces could be roped in for multiversal cameos, with most of the speculation inevitably falling on either Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine or Professor X, even if the conflicting rumors can’t seem to decide whether it’ll be James McAvoy or Patrick Stewart in the chair.

Plenty of X-Men alumni have voiced their enthusiasm for making a comeback to the superhero sandbox, a list that includes Shawn Ashmore’s Iceman, Kelsey Grammer’s Beast, Lucas Till’s Havok, Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey, and many more.

We can now add Kelly Hu to that list, after the X2 star admitted in an interview with ComicBookMovie that she’d be game to show up as Lady Deathstrike again.

“Yeah, it would be awesome to bring Lady Deathstroke back and actually have some dialogue this time. It would be a lot more fun with dialogue.”

Given the number of Xavier Mansion veterans who’d be open to signing on were it offered their way, the MCU could mount a straightforward sequel to the Fox era of X-Men if it wanted to, but a fresh start is definitely the smartest way to go when it comes to the merry band of mutants.

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