Anthony Hopkins Presents A History Lesson In New Promo For Transformers: The Last Knight


Ten years ago, Paramount and Michael Bay unleashed their live-action version of Transformers upon the moviegoing masses and in doing so, spawned one of the most lucrative – and, frankly, critically derided – franchises in all of Hollywood.

And so, after the Fallen staged their revenge – after Bay courted viewers to the Dark of the Moon, and after the relatively short-lived Age of Extinction – we’re now teetering on the verge of Transformers: The Last Knight, the fifth entry into Paramount’s effects-laden juggernaut that looks set to signal the end of Michael Bay’s involvement in the series. You know, providing the director doesn’t pull yet another U-turn over the coming weeks and months.

Regardless, if previous Transformers movies dabbled with alternate timelines – think of how the first movie incorporated the Hoover Dam into its plot, or the fact that Revenge of the Fallen laid waste to the Pyramids of Egypt – The Last Knight is poised to journey all the way back to Arthurian legend, where Liam Garrigan will be the one brandishing the famous Excalibur. There’s a reason for that time-jump, too: Transformers: The Last Knight is set to shed light on how Earth’s history and those robots in disguise are inextricably linked, and up above you’ll get to see¬†Anthony Hopkins’ wise old professor offering up a much-needed history lesson.

“For a thousand years, we’ve kept it hidden – the secret history of Transformers.” Originally penciled in for launch on June 23rd, it’s understood Paramount has reshuffled its deck ever so slightly, meaning that Transformers: The Last Knight will be with us on June 21st. That gives Michael Bay’s blockbuster more than enough time to make a significant dent at the international box office, but can it trump the $1.10 billion haul of Age of Extinction? Time will tell.

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