Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer Tease Asks You To Rethink Your History


“A thousand years we’ve kept it hidden…the secret history of Transformers.” That’s Anthony Hopkins, who can be seen playing the role of Sir Edmund Burton in today’s all-new teaser for Transformers: The Last Knight.

Part astronomer, part historian, Hopkins’ wise old sage is well versed in the war-torn history of Transformers on planet Earth, which ought to make him indispensable to Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg), Izabella (Isabela Moner) and the rest of the human resistance as they begin to rise up against the invading Decepticons (Unicron?). For all of the promos and TV spots currently populating the interwebs, there are still precious few story details pertaining to The Last Knight out in the wild, but that’s all set to change on Wednesday, April 12th. Strap in folks, there’s another helping of Bayhem on the way.

As the teaser above confirms, the new and likely final trailer for Michael Bay’s effects-laden blockbuster will be with us next week, at which point we’ll surely have a better understanding of the film’s King Arthur subplot and, perhaps most important of all, Optimus Prime’s decision to go rogue. Like practically every other The Last Knight promo before it, the snippet above ends with Prime going toe-to-toe with Bumblebee, two of the more iconic mascots of Paramount’s live-action franchise. That shot alone is enough to pique our curiosity, while on the human side of things, newcomer Isabela Moner looks set to steal the show as the street-smart Izabella. “Yeah, I fight like a girl…don’t you?”

Also starring Laura Haddock, Santiago Cabrera and the returning Stanley Tucci, Transformers: The Last Knight storms into theaters on June 23rd. Will it be Michael Bay’s final Transformers movie, though? Who knows. The filmmaker has long stated that TF5 will see him go out with a bang, but with 14 movie pitches simmering over at Paramount, Bay refuses to rule out the possibility of helming a spinoff movie further down the line.