IMAX Featurette For Transformers: The Last Knight Teases Michael Bay’s Final Entry Into The Series


The all-new IMAX featurette for Transformers: The Last Knight has arrived, and it’s the near-perfect primer for Michael Bay’s final entry in the series.

Designed to spotlight the filmmaker’s unique approach to IMAX 3D – Bay essentially orchestrated two Arri 65 IMAX cameras simultaneously, and the result is the only 2017 tentpole shot in native 3D – up above you’ll be invited into the director’s edit bay, before Bay pinpoints the reasons why Paramount was willing to shell out an extra $10-15 million to create the most visceral, immersive experience possible. For all of the flak and heated criticism that’s often directed toward the Transformers series – some of it well-deserved – there’s no question that Paramount’s flagship continues to push the envelope in the visual department. And it’s fitting that Michael Bay is going the extra mile to create a memorable viewing experience with The Last Knight, given that Transformers 5 is set to go down as his final (?) foray in Paramount’s marquee blockbuster.

Indeed, before the studio pitched a writers room to help pump fresh blood into the series, Michael Bay came close to walking away from Transformers altogether. Once the extra screenwriting talent was drafted in, though, it wasn’t long before the filmmaker pulled a U-turn to helm one final movie. But don’t be fooled into thinking that Transformers will go on hiatus once Bay eventually executes his swan song; not only is there a Travis Knight-directed Bumblebee spinoff gestating in development, but Michael Bay recently teased another 14 story ideas that are currently doing the rounds at Paramount. Whether they ever make the journey to the big screen is another question entirely.

Transformers: The Last Knight will be with us on June 23rd.