Anthony Mackie Says Avengers: Infinity War Is The Best Superhero Movie He’s Ever Seen


Falcon star Anthony Mackie has given us perhaps the best tease for Avengers: Infinity War from a cast member yet – and that’s really saying something when you consider how much this film has been hyped up by those involved.

While talking to Chris Van Vliet, the actor, who’s been part of the MCU since 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, revealed that Joe and Anthony Russo’s Infinity War is the best superhero movie he’s ever seen. Bold words, sure, but at this point, there’s really no reason to doubt him.

“I will say this. After seeing the movie, it’s by far the best superhero movie I’ve ever seen. It’s by far the best storyline, the best plot twists… Everything about the movie works, and that’s why they had to make it into two movies. Because it’s so dynamic and because it’s so powerful. And if you see part 3, you’re definitely going to see part 4.”

Even if it’s not too shocking that Mackie’s promoting his latest Marvel movie as the best one ever, his subsequent comments provide some intriguing hints at what we can expect from Infinity War. Apparently, there will be a few surprising developments over the course of the film, as the actor says that it has “the best plot twists.”

Likewise, his promise that fans will definitely want to watch Avengers 4 once they see this installment seems to us that Mackie is indicating that Infinity War will end on some sort of nail-biting cliffhanger that’ll gear up the next film to be even more thrilling. It’s possible that could tie-in to whatever that title of Avengers 4 is, too, which we’ve been told will scare fans once it’s revealed after the release of Infinity War. The reason it’s being kept under lock and key, apparently, is because it constitutes a spoiler for the movie.

While it’s too early to say whether this is really going to be among the best superhero films ever, Avengers: Infinity War could definitely turn out to be the biggest, as the event movie of the year is looking set to break records and become the highest grossing domestic opening of all-time. You can play your part in that when it hits cinemas later this month, on April 27th.

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