New Ant-Man Concept Art Shows Us How Scott Lang Could Have Looked

While Ant-Man wasn’t the runaway success that Guardians of the Galaxy was back in 2014, it still did respectable numbers at the box office and sailed past the $500 million mark thanks to a very strong opening in China recently. With a sequel – Ant-Man and The Waspdated for 2018 and Scott Lang set to appear in Captain America: Civil War next year, things are definitely looking good for this pint-sized superhero.

So, the future looks bright for Ant-Man, but what might have been? With the character getting a new costume in Civil War (he’ll also no doubt be sporting a different variation of that in time for his sequel, too), Marvel Studios concept artist Andy Park has taken to Twitter to reveal a couple of very cool alternate designs for the Avenger. This comes just weeks before the DVD and Blu-ray release of Ant-Man, and that too will hopefully be packed full of behind the scenes reveals.

As you can see in the gallery above though, Marvel clearly went through a lot of very different designs before settling on the one which made it into the final movie. While these Ant-Man designs are pretty cool and definitely have some positives, it’s fair to say that the studio ultimately made the right choice with the look they went for (something Park actually acknowledges himself).