Another Apocalyptic Sign: Grown Ups 2 Has A Release Date

In news that can only be described a yet another sign of the impending apocalypse, the sequel to Adam Sandler‘s legendarily bad film, Grown Ups, enigmatically titled Grown Ups 2, has received an official release date of July 12, 2013. One can only be grateful that the date surpassed the possible end-of-the-world deadline.

Grown Ups was easily one of Adam Sandler‘s worst films of all time, although recently, Jack & Jill may have passed that maddening milestone. At the same time – Grown Ups still made a ton of cash, and it’s in no way surprising that Sony is making a sequel.

I’d argue that the most frustrating aspect of Grown Ups was how painfully unfunny it was. I know that seems obvious, but think about it, really. With the except of Rob Schneider, all of the main actors in Grown Ups are funny, or at least have proved that they can be funny at one point in time. How is it possible that there isn’t even a single laugh-worthy joke in Grown Ups?

I guess that the end of the world doesn’t sound so bad now. Let us know what you think about Grown Ups 2 in the comments.

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