Aquaman 2 In Development, James Wan Being Courted Back

Aquaman Header

James Wan has done the impossible and made a successful Aquaman movie. Now that it’s broken through the $1 billion mark, it’s worth remembering that for nearly two decades its hero was the butt of jokes about talking to fish and the idea of his own solo film was considered so ridiculous it was parodied in Entourage. Now, with the pic having received broadly positive reviews, a high audience score and generally proven to be a huge international success, Warner Bros. are already turning their eyes to Aquaman 2.

According to a report from Deadline, the studio’s running on the maxim of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and is courting James Wan to return for the sequel. I’m with them on this, too, as the sheer creativity, effort and attention-to-detail that was poured into every corner of Atlantis was a true sight to behold on the big screen.

Apparently, Wan’s taking a little time off to decompress after what’s no doubt been an incredibly stressful and busy year getting Aquaman into cinemas, but Warner Bros. are reportedly eager to drive a (possibly literal) dump truck full of money to his door to get him to sign on for a sequel. We don’t blame them, either, as it shouldn’t be forgotten that right now Wan’s the only filmmaker who’s directed two billion dollar movies for two studios (the other being Furious 7).

Deadline’s report also states that Warner Bros. is actively working on scripts for the sequel, with Wan waiting to see what they cook up before he officially signs on for the project. Right now, we have no clue about the plot, but given the events of the first film, it seems certain that Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s Black Manta will be returning to lock horns with Arthur and settle some unfinished business.

Honestly, I don’t mind what the plot of Aquaman 2 is as long as we get more moments that are as cool as that drumming octopus. That’s a must, right?