Aquaman And Flash Get The Wonder Woman 1984 Treatment With New Fan Posters


Wonder Woman 1984 will pretty much do what it says on the tin and jump several decades on from 2017’s Wonder Woman to follow Diana of Themyscira’s adventures in the 1980s, further revealing what she got up to in the years preceding Batman V Superman and Justice League. Due to the time period, we’re not expecting other DC heroes to pop up for cameos – but what if they did? How would they look redesigned for the 80s?

Fan artist Boss Logic has created two new mock teaser posters for WW84 that imagine a few of Diana’s League teammates as they might look in the 1980s. The Aquaman poster is based on a young Jason Momoa, casting the future king of Atlantis as a teen surfer, while the Flash poster seems to run with the premise that the Scarlet Speedster has travelled back in time from the present.

The designs also make use of some fun 80s references. Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen is wearing a Marty McFly jacket from Back to the Future over his Flash T-shirt while there’s also a smiley face button on his cap. That’s got to be a reference to DC graphic novel Watchmen, published in 1986.

You can check them both out in the gallery below, along with ones for Batman, Superman and Cyborg that surfaced over the weekend.

Pretty imaginative, eh? The Cyborg one is particularly interesting, as he’s depicted wearing sunglasses with one red lens – referencing his left eye. He’s also wearing a Transformers chain around his neck, presumably a nod to how he shares a cybernetic similarity with the robots in disguise. Finally, his Skynet shirt references The Terminator, which released in 1984. It’s also a double reference as Silas Stone, Cyborg’s father, is played by Terminator 2′s Joe Morton.

As said above, it’s unlikely that the Justice Leaguers will appear in the sequel, but a familiar character will still show up all the same, as Chris Pine’s back as Steve Trevor, somehow resurrected after his death in World War I. One theory as to his survival is time travel. So who knows, maybe the Flash is involved in Wonder Woman 1984 after all?

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