Aquaman’s Amber Heard Wants A Mera And Wonder Woman Spinoff


The DCEU has a notoriously divisive track record, but one entry that most of us were pretty glad we saw was last year’s Wonder Woman, setting expectations high for the eventual Wonder Woman 1984. Another franchise installment that could be on the verge of receiving a similarly warm response, however, is Aquaman, and should Arthur Curry’s solo debut perform as well as Warner Bros. is hoping, Amber Heard has a suggestion for where her character’s story could go next.

In an interview with THR, the actress pitched her idea of a Mera and Wonder Woman team-up, urging the studio to go for it:

“I’d love to team up with Wonder Woman. That would be a kickass duo right there. I’m vying for a spinoff, you heard it here. I’m fishing for whatever I’m fishing for. … Mera and Wonder Woman spinoff. Go for it, Warner Bros.”

As it stands, audiences haven’t had much of a chance to get to know the character of Mera beyond her brief appearance in Justice League, but if her larger role in Aquaman leaves fans wanting more, perhaps Heard’s Wonder Woman crossover idea can build up some momentum.

Of course, if this pair ever does share the screen, it’ll probably be a long time before we see it. For one thing, Wonder Woman’s next outing isn’t slated for release until June 5th, 2020, and even then, it’s doubtful that director Patty Jenkins has any intention of shoehorning in a Mera cameo. As for Heard’s character, assuming all goes well with Aquaman then you can expect a sequel or two for Arthur Curry, meaning that Mera’s likely to stayed tied to her current love interest’s story for a while longer.

Either way, if Aquaman’s massive opening weekend in China is any indication of the film’s performance when it hits North American theaters on December 21st, then it’s a safe bet that Mera won’t be disappearing from our screens anytime soon.