Aquaman Actor Being Eyed For Goku In Disney’s Live-Action Dragon Ball Movie

Dragon Ball Z

Earlier this month, we told you that Disney is currently mapping out a live-action adaptation of the beloved Japanese anime TV series Dragon Ball. Now, it appears that the studio already has their eye on who they want to play Goku, as according to our sources, Aquaman star Ludi Lin is currently on the company’s wishlist to take on the part. And given that this intel comes to us from the same sources who said a new Scream movie was in the works, and that an Aladdin sequel is in development, both of which were later confirmed, we have no reason to doubt it.

The 32-year-old has been in high demand ever since his portrayal of Zack, the Black Ranger in the 2017 Power Rangers reboot. Since then, he’s gone on to play the underwater warrior Murk in Aquaman and Lance in the Netflix series Black Mirror. The actor is also currently filming the upcoming Mortal Kombat reboot in which he plays Liu Kang. Both this film and the Dragon Ball feature have the potential to become big blockbuster franchises and if Lin ends up snagging the role in the latter project as well, he could find himself as a bonafide action star.

In fact, it’s pretty safe to say that the Dragon Ball adaptation has a very good chance of outperforming the Mortal Kombat remake at the box office. While the video game franchise is quite popular in its own right, it still pales in comparison to the aforementioned Japanese show. We mean no disrespect to the other series, but Dragon Ball is one of the top twenty highest-grossing media franchises of all-time.

Dragon Ball Z

Though he’s only on a wishlist for now and is by no means confirmed for the role (it’s not clear if he’s even been formally contacted yet), Lin would undoubtedly be a great addition to the all-Asian cast that Disney is planning to have and while he’s a relatively big star at the moment, this project could really take him to the next level in terms of recognition, easily turning him into a household name if it’s a success.

Tell us, though, would you like to see Lin as Goku in the upcoming Dragon Ball film? If not, who do you think should get the part? Sound off in the comments below with your thoughts.