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Armie Hammer Drops Out Of Another Project Following Cannibalism Controversy

Deadline reports that actor Armie Hammer has now dropped out of another project following the recent cannibalism controversy.

Armie Hammer

In a very strange – and we do mean strange – turn of events that nobody could’ve seen coming, everyone’s still on tenterhooks waiting to find out if Armie Hammer is indeed a cannibal or not. Yes, you read that right.

A series of leaked social media messages reportedly sent by The Lone Ranger star recently blew up on the internet, as they indicated, among other things, that the 34 year-old has a desire to consume human flesh. And that was far from the only disturbing part.

Hammer then managed to keep himself in the public eye after a leaked video from one of his private social media accounts surfaced, and now, his career looks have stalled a bit. Though the actor insists that the allegations aren’t true, we all know how much the internet loves some juicy gossip, and it doesn’t get much juicier than a fairly big star finding himself at the center of a cannibalism controversy.

Indeed, George Miller’s Batman recently dropped out of action comedy Shotgun Wedding, and now, he’s departed yet another project. Deadline reports that Hammer’s stepped away from Paramount Plus series The Offer, which follows the making of The Godfather.

The actor was on board to play producer Al Ruddy but the studio is now left to find a new lead. And at present, there’s no word on who may replace Armie in the role. Though we imagine it won’t be long before we hear of who’s stepping in for him.

As for the actor’s future in Hollywood, we would hardly say it’s over and plenty of stars have bounced back from various controversies in the past. But as for now, it’s probably best that Armie Hammer keeps a bit of a lower profile and we’ll just have to wait and see what the next few months hold for him.

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