Armie Hammer To Be The Next Lone Ranger?

Armie Hammer may nab the leading role in Disney’s The Lone Ranger. According to a Deadline report, Hammer is in early talks to play the Lone Ranger opposite Johnny Depp, who will play Tonto.

Hammer played one of the Winklevoss twins in David Fincher’s award-winning The Social Network. Since then his star has been on the rise, as he landed a role in Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar and is signed on to play Prince Andrew in the upcoming Brothers Grimm: Snow White opposite Julia Roberts.

Hammer is in early talks for the role of the Lone Ranger, which will certainly brighten up an already shiny resume. I’m not sure how much talent he has besides his pretty face, as watching him in The Social Network didn‘t convince me either way. He may fit the role in looks though, as the original Lone Ranger is a handsone hero-type.

Starring opposite Depp certainly can’t hurt Hammer’s career. Not to mention this reboot packs some serious Hollywood power in Depp, producer Jerry Bruckheimer, script writer Justin Haythe, and director Gore Verbinski. Verbinski and Depp have worked together on numerous projects including the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, The Mexican, and most recently the quirky animated film Rango.

The Lone Ranger started as a radio show in 1933, and since its inception has seen many incarnations, including a long-running TV series and a comic book. The Lone Ranger is a masked Texas ranger who goes about setting things to right in the lawless West, with the help of his trusted Indian companion Tonto (Depp).

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