Watch: Arnold Schwarzenegger Tells Spring Breakers To Stay Home During Coronavirus

Terminator Arnie

Ex-governor of California and everyone’s favorite Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, took to Twitter today to tell folks to stay at home during the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus. In particular, he’s imploring younger kids and teens to avoid the beach and large social gatherings during the upcoming week of spring break.

In the video, Arnold hangs out in hot tub with a cigar as he tells his fans about how he’s using bicycle rides and workouts to keep himself busy during his isolation. He then expresses disappointment that so many people are remaining socially active in crowds and restaurants as the virus continues to spread. This isn’t his first update in the midst of the outbreak, either, posting earlier this week from his kitchen where he asked everyone to practice social distancing as things get worse out there.

Though spring break may continue on for some folks, the closure of most schools around the country has given many children and teens plenty of time off already. One would hope that parents will do their part during this time to ensure their kids avoid big crowds and places where the coronavirus spreads so easily, but only time will tell how things play out.

COVID-19 has now infected over 230,000 people globally with a death toll of almost 10,000. The World Health Organization also declared the virus a pandemic last week, effectively sending the globe into mass hysteria. During this time, many countries have placed strict travel bans and quarantines on their citizens. Meanwhile, most major social entertainment events have been shut down entirely, including concerts, film and gaming expositions, theaters, and theme parks.

We can all help slow the spread of the virus and potentially save lives by being like Arnold Schwarzenegger and staying indoors as much as possible. And if you’ve got a hot tub and a cigar, even better.