Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Open To Doing A True Lies 2

True Lies

Adding to a list of potential sequels we’d all like to see, Arnold Schwarzenegger mentioned the possibility of doing a True Lies 2 this week. Speaking as part of a press tour for Terminator: Dark Fate, Schwarzenegger said he was open to going back to his 1994 role as Harry Tasker, a government agent keeping secrets from his family.

The actor has regularly expressed an interest in revisiting past parts, which aside from his comeback in the Terminator franchise, has included a new Conan movie and a sequel to Last Action Hero. Speaking to Screen Rant though, Schwarzenegger had this to say about reviving his 1990s characters:

“It’s always up to the fans; if they demand to see another movie like that.”

The actor also noted that he’ll only make a sequel if “a script is great” and presumably, the right people are involved to do justice to the original movies. If True Lies 2 does make it into development, Schwarzenegger could again be teaming up with the 1994 picture’s director James Cameron, who also produced Terminator: Dark Fate. However, the exact way in which True Lies 2 could bring back Tasker and the rest of the cast is unclear.

True Lies sequel was reportedly in discussion back in 2011, when Tom Arnold described reading a script with Schwarzenegger that both were excited about. This screenplay apparently came with James Cameron’s blessing, but ultimately didn’t move forward in its development. True Lies 2 may even have gone ahead in 2002, but Cameron ended the project in the aftermath of 9/11, whereby a terrorism-themed picture risked being labelled as bad taste.

Of course, Schwarzenegger’s latest comments are to be treated cautiously, especially considering James Cameron’s involvement in the Avatar sequels, and the actor’s track record of being up for potential sequels to his work. However, given that a True Lies television series for Disney Plus is reportedly in development, another feature-length film wouldn’t be out of the question.

What do you think about a True Lies 2, though? As ever, be sure to share your thoughts down below.