Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Says His Dad Drops His Iconic One-Liners All The Time

arnold schwarzenegger

There’s arguably nobody in the history of cinema to have amassed such a huge collection of catchphrases as Arnold Schwarzenegger. During his reign at the top of the Hollywood A-list, every movie the action icon appeared in was almost obligated to see him drop a string of one-liners, many of which entered the public lexicon a long time ago.

In addition to the Terminator classics like ‘I’ll be back’ and ‘hasta la vista baby,’ there’s Predator‘s ‘Get to the choppa!’, Total Recall‘s ‘consider that a divorce,’ True Lies‘ ‘you’re fired,’ Kindergarten Cop‘s ‘it’s not a toomuh!’ and pretty much everything that comes out of his mouth throughout Batman & Robin. Almost anyone with a passing interest in blockbuster films has quoted at least a handful of Schwarzenegger’s’ best lines, and everyone is legally required to do it in his accent as well.

The 73 year-old is also known for using his most iconic soundbites to promote causes he believes in, whether it be releasing social media videos that show him wielding the sword of Conan or telling everyone to come with him if they want to live when receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. In fact, in a new interview, Patrick Schwarzenegger revealed that his old man drops his one-liners all the time in everyday situations, much to the irritation of his brood.

“Everybody asks that. They’re like, ‘Does your dad always say his one-liners?’, I’m like, ‘All the time’. He’ll turn back and say when he’s exiting a room,’‘I’ll be back’.  I’m like, ‘Dad, really?’. Sometimes a little kid, like a six year-old, the dad will kind of shove the kid to go get an autograph from my dad or something. The kid probably has no idea who my dad is and goes up and asks for something and my dad will scream one of the one liners at him, and the kid is like, ‘What? I don’t know what that is’.”

There’s something inherently hilarious about the idea of Arnold Schwarzenegger directly quoting a movie like Terminator or Predator when doing innocuous things such as leaving a room or going to the fridge, but it suits his larger-than-life persona down to a tee, even if his family appears to have gotten tired of hearing it a long time ago.