Watch: Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes Terminator As He Gets COVID-19 Vaccine

arnold schwarzenegger

Almost everyone has done at least one Arnold Schwarzenegger impression in their life, and it helps that the action legend’s back catalogue is packed to bursting point with memorable quotes. Very few actors in the history of the business have a collection of one-liners that can come anywhere close to approaching what Arnie has in his arsenal, and he’s always been incredibly self-aware regarding his legacy.

Even when he was the Governor of California, Schwarzenegger would pepper his speeches with soundbites from his filmography, and also went full-blown meta when he spoofed Saturday Night Life‘s hulking Austrian twins Hans and Franz after referring to his political opponents as ‘economic girlie men.’

Most recently, the 73 year-old caused a stir on social media when he brandished Conan the Barbarian’s sword from the comfort of his office, leading many fans to hope that the long-awaited King Conan might finally end up happening. Of course, his most famous role is still comfortably the Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 from the Terminator franchise, and as you can see below, Schwarzenegger used a quote originally spoken by Kyle Reese to encourage his supporters to follow his lead and receive the COVID-19 vaccination.

It isn’t quite on the same level as ‘I’ll be back,’ which is easily his signature line of dialogue, but ‘come with me if you want to live’ has become an integral part of the Terminator mythology nonetheless, having been spoken by numerous characters throughout the multiple sequels and reboots. Schwarzenegger is smart in using recognizable iconography from his illustrious career to try and reach his fans, and as an elderly gentleman with a long history of heart issues, it’s also good to know that he’s received the shot.