As expected, ‘House of Gucci’ is splitting opinion down the middle

Having spent the last 40 years and change churning out a succession of box office hits, acclaimed prestige dramas, stone-cold classics and even the odd dud or two, Ridley Scott is clearly a hugely talented and very smart man.

He’s also highly prolific, with his latest feature House of Gucci releasing tomorrow, just four weeks after historical epic The Last Duel. The latter flopped hard at the box office, so it’s hardly a coincidence the veteran filmmaker has been gathering headlines by blasting things that people love.

Scott recently described superhero movies as “f*cking boring as sh*t”, and he’s now cast his ire towards those pesky millennials. Controversy almost always generates interest, which might turn out to be a stroke of fortune given the wildly polarizing reactions to House of Gucci so far.

Now that the review embargo has officially lifted, critics have been in wide-ranging disagreement about the merits of the would-be awards season contender, as you can see below.

At this point, there’s every chance House of Gucci could end up landing multiple nominations at both the Academy Awards and the Razzies, which would be a unique if fairly unwanted distinction to hold, but it’d be worth it just to hear Scott’s reaction.