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As James Gunn teases Lobo, a contender has already thrown their cigar into the ring

Who's going to be the DCU's Main Man?

Image via DC Comics

As several high-profile names continue or prepare to jump the burning ship that is Twitter, no one has quite managed to match the splash made by James Gunn when he announced his presence on Mastodon, the Twitter competitor that’s happy to collect the more Musk-averse denizens of the platform.

Indeed, when Gunn made his first Mastodon post, it was a quick and simple “Glad to be here,” along with a cheeky photo of a DC Comics antihero that swiftly broke the internet.

Given that Gunn is the new co-chair of the cinematic DC Universe, the internet was all too happy to entertain the idea that this could be a tease for what might be in store for the franchise. Gunn, of course, has remained agonizingly tight-lipped on the matter.

But that only gives us more room to run wild with assumptions, and actor Todd Stashwick is perhaps sprinting the furthest out of all of us; in a recent tweet, Stashwick made it clear that, should Lobo show up in the DCU, he’s all but ready to bring the alien bounty hunter to life.

The 12 Monkeys star is no stranger to this particular slice of genre fiction; having appeared in the NBC superhero drama Heroes and in the Gotham television series as Black Mask. And as we can tell from the side-by-side above, he’s got the rugged gusto of Lobo to spare.

There were plenty of responders who were all too happy to support Stashwick’s Lobo campaign, while others took the more cheeky route by suggesting that Jason Momoa, who plays Aquaman in the DCU, should get the role instead.

In any case, it looks like Stashwick is first to the party on this one, and being ahead of the game never hurt anybody. Of course, with Lobo still not yet confirmed in an official DCU capacity, he’ll be harboring a hollow dream for the time being.

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