Asa Butterfield Offered The Lead In Ender’s Game

Asa Butterfield, star of Hugo, has been offered the lead in Ender’s Game, as Ender Wiggin, the tortured boy-genius in a dystopian future.

Personally, as a huge fan of the book series, I think that Asa Butterfield is perfect for the role. Butterfield is excellent at portraying wisdom beyond his years, and his intensely blue eyes immediately evoke sympathy for his characters.

In Ender’s Game, Ender is six years old when he is sent to Battle School, but Butterfield is actually already fourteen. Some see this is a problem. Realistically, I see this is a fitting solution. Ender’s Game is a terrifyingly violent book, and it’s not as if they’re going to hire a 6-year-old to play such a controversial role.

Butterfield looks young for his age, and I’m sure he can look even younger with movie magic. If the studio was going to go for someone around his age, then Butterfield is definitely ideal.

Ender’s Game recently received an official release date (March 15, 2013) after months of speculation as to whether or not the film was actually happening. Gavin Hood, recently known for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, will be directing the film.

Do you think Asa Butterfield is good for the role of Ender in Ender’s Game? Let us know in the comments.