Audiences Are Absolutely Loving The Sonic The Hedgehog Movie


While overall critic scores for Sonic The Hedgehog appear to be on somewhat of a downward trend, it seems audiences can’t get enough of the lovable gaming icon.

The movie, released today just in time for Valentine’s weekend, is the first live-action adaptation featuring Sega’s mascot, voiced by Ben Schwartz. Alongside James Marsden (as Tom Wachowski) and Jim Carrey (Dr. Robotnik), the flick has been labelled by critics as a solid, if somewhat vapid, family film for fans of all ages to enjoy. Particular praise has been heaped on Carrey for his turn as Sonic’s nemesis, who injects his trademark comedy into the role.

Not the trainwreck that many had feared it would be – especially after the debacle that was Sonic’s original design – then, but nonetheless, audience ratings for Sonic’s cinematic debut are considerably higher than that of reviewers.

As of writing, in fact, a 30% gulf stands between both, with approval ratings over on aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes currently standing at 64% and 94% among critics and audiences, respectively. A surprising difference of opinion indeed, and one that ultimately makes Sonic The Hedgehog one of the highest-rated video game movies among the public to date. Even last year’s Detective Pikachu, now widely regarded to be the best video game adaptation ever, only managed an approval rating among fans of 79%, placing it far behind today’s new arrival.

It remains to be seen, of course, how many ticket sales Sonic The Hedgehog ends up accounting for over the weekend to come, especially when compared with Birds of Prey. DC’s comic book blockbuster has struggled to make an impression on cinemagoers since its release and some, seemingly unwilling to let Sonic The Hedgehog potentially outperform Harley Quinn’s standalone adventure, have been bad-mouthing the former on social media. Bizarre.

Sonic The Hedgehog is out now in theaters worldwide and you can check out We Got This Covered’s review here if you’re still on the fence.