Austin Powers Director Says He’s Open To A Fourth Film With Mike Myers


Though Mike Myers’ star isn’t what it once was, you probably still remember back to when the Austin Powers movies were a cultural sensation. For a long time, conversations everywhere were full of catchphrases, in-jokes, and bad impressions inspired by the spy spoof films. Until everyone kind of got over them. It’d be fair to say that the series was a bit of a fad and only held its popularity for a limited time, but if an Austin Powers 4 ever did materialize, there’s no doubt it’d bring in a pretty sizable audience based on nostalgia appeal alone.

In fact, we’ve been hearing whispers of a potential fourth outing for several years now, with almost no tangible signs of progress, but at the very least, it seems Jay Roach is still on board. The director of the first – and only – three films in the franchise spoke to Deadline recently and admitted that he’s open to another Austin Powers. Especially if Mike Myers is down.

“I wouldn’t say never never…I’m always game for whatever [Mike Myers] wants to do,” Roach said. “It does depend on Mike having something that he’s inspired about, and so far, after all these years, it hasn’t quite clicked yet.”


Indeed it hasn’t. And the reason why it likely hasn’t clicked is that in all honesty, a fourth Austin Powers probably wouldn’t really resonate too well with today’s audiences. After all, while it’s crude, innuendo-centric sense of humor was a big hit in the late ’90s and early 2000s, we can’t imagine it’d be widely accepted in this day and age.

Still, we’d certainly love to see the franchise return, even if it has to tone things down a bit for modern viewers, and with Roach saying he’s interested and Mike Myers not doing a whole lot lately, maybe it’ll eventually happen.

Tell us, though, do you have any interest in an Austin Powers 4? Or do you think the franchise should stay out of cinemas? Sound off in the usual place down below with your thoughts.