New Avatar 2 BTS Photos Reveal Impressive And Large Set


Fandoms everywhere have had to deal with the frustration of lockdown-induced film cancellations lately. There may be bigger fish to fry right now as we’re in the midst of a deadly pandemic, but that doesn’t make what’s going on in Hollywood less irksome. Black WidowWonder Woman 1984, No Time To Die…. the list of delayed movies is a long one with some very big names on it. But there’s a name that knew all about postponement long before COVID-19 came along.

In fact, the fandom surrounding this property has become particularly accustomed to the interminable wait, likely shrugging their shoulders at the sight of every other blockbuster being delayed. They may have even gotten some perverse pleasure out of it. “Oh, so you can’t see the next MCU film till November?”, they’ll say. “Try 11 years – and counting.”

Of course, we’re talking about Avatar and its endlessly delayed follow-ups. Thankfully, this article isn’t about yet another delay for Avatar 2 (though that’s still not out of the question given what’s going on with the coronavirus). No, we’ve got something a bit more positive for you here, and that’s two new behind the scenes photos which reveal a detailed and rather large set.

Sure, it’s not the most exciting or tantalizing look at the sequel, but it is proof that production is still carrying on. Which, for a film like Avatar 2, is perhaps the most exciting news fans can hear. Does that mean it’ll 100% arrive in theaters on schedule? No, but it’s still an encouraging sign.

Plot-wise, we unfortunately know very little about what James Cameron has planned for Avatar 2, and set photos like these aren’t doing much to help in that regard. But with any luck, some juicier tidbits will begin to trickle out as production continues and once/if they do, we’ll be sure to let you know.