New Avatar 2 Photo Reveals First Look At Sigourney Weaver On Set


Fandoms of all colours have had to come to terms with the frustration of lockdown-induced film cancellations. Bigger fish to fry in a deadly pandemic there may be, but that doesn’t make the unexpected disruption less irksome. Black Widow, Wonder Woman 1984, most likely Tenet….it’s a very long list with some very big names. But there’s a name that knew postponement long before coronavirus gripped the world.

This name’s fandom has been particularly accustomed to the interminable wait, finding themselves shrugging their shoulders at the sight of every other name getting delayed until August, November, 2023, and in some cases, indefinitely. They might even have derived some perverse pleasure from it. Oh, so you can’t see the 33rd Marvel movie till Christmas? Try 11 years – and counting.

I am, of course, talking about Avatar, and its endlessly delayed sequels. You’ll be relieved to know this article isn’t reporting on yet another hold up for Avatar 2 (though with the current disruption, I wouldn’t count your chickens). No, we’ve got something more wholesome for you – proof that the sequel does actually exist. Yes, I know some photos have already been released, but this one’s got Sigourney Weaver in it, the nerd goddess who cheated death in order to return for a second spin in Pandora’s Box.

The current ETA for the pic’s belated theatrical release is December 17th, 2021. One hopes by then that audiences are allowed to go to their local multiplex, along with all the other amenities of pre-pandemic life we used to take for granted. I’ve no doubt we will again soon.

Got any thoughts on this new set pic? If you don’t, I’ve got an alternative. Leave a comment with your own predictions for when Avatar 2 will finally release. I’ve got it coming in just before the Rapture.