This Avenger 4 Fan-Made Opening Will Reduce You To Tears


With Marvel Studios keeping a tight lid on anything to do with Avengers 4 right now, it’s up to fans to imagine what the House of Ideas has in store for the upcoming sequel to Infinity War, which is said to act as a grand finale to the MCU as we know it.

As well as endless fan theories that suggest how the Avengers might ultimately defeat Thanos, creative types have come up with some awesome fan posters and artwork. Alternatively, some folks have gone one step further and have even started making the movie themselves. Like that epic animated alternate version, which came complete with fan-pleasing Defenders and X-Men cameos.

Reddit user @XExtra_ is the latest to have a go at this, coming up with an idea for what the introduction to Avengers 4 could be like. Given that Infinity War ended at as dark a place as possible, with many of the galaxy’s greatest heroes wiped out and with the rest having to live with their failure, this fan-made opening is understandably somber. Honestly, it’s enough to put a lump in your throat.

Inspired by u/NedLeeds1, my version of the Avengers 4 intro. from marvelstudios

As the caption for the video makes clear, this intro owes a lot to the previous effort from another Reddit user who first pioneered the idea of the Marvel Studios logo turning to dust like the fallen heroes at the end of Infinity War. NedLeeds1’s version went for some triumphant music over the top, however, while this fan is probably onto something with the tragic score they employed instead.

Honestly, the visual of the logo becoming dust is such a good one that Marvel should probably use it themselves. It would be a neat way of jogging audience’s memories about where the story left off last time and will set up the presumably dour atmosphere that Avengers 4 will begin with.