Avengers 4 Directors Said To Be Personally Overseeing The Trailer Release


Between their cryptic social media posts and agonizingly vague teases of things to come, Avengers 4 directors Anthony and Joe Russo have a talent for keeping their followers in a constant state of speculation and anticipation, and seeing how no subject has got the fans talking more these days than the pic’s first trailer, it would only figure that the filmmaking pair were personally involved in this particular roll-out, too.

That’s what MCU Cosmic’s Jeremy Conrad has recently suggested could be the case anyways, taking to Twitter to relay the rumor that “the Russos themselves are personally overseeing the final stages of the release of their trailer.” And while this idea is yet to be confirmed, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if true.

In fact, it’s a prediction in some corners of the internet that the teaser will be launched to coincide with the Avengers: Infinity War screening and Q&A hosted by the Russo Brothers on November 28th. Conrad himself has suggested that the footage could drop prior to the Hollywood event, allowing the trailer to make its big screen premiere on the evening, or that they may announce the release date at the screening itself.

With the month soon drawing to a close, this imminent event remains the greatest source of hope among fans that the trailer will be arriving before the end of November. Should the 28th come and go with no news on the subject, however, it seems highly probable that the date is being saved for some point in December, possibly prior to the release of the first issue of the Avengers 4 Prelude comic on the 5th.

It’s a tense and uncertain time for the Marvel fandom right now, but at the very least, all will be revealed when Avengers 4 hits cinemas on May 3rd, 2019.