Avengers 4 Director Says The Stakes Will Be 100% Higher Than Last Film


After Avengers: Infinity War ended with half the universe dying, it’s difficult to see how Avengers 4 could possibly take this conflict to the next level, but that’s just what co-director Joe Russo continues to promise.

This morning, the filmmaker hosted a live Q&A from his new bar Duello, where he may not have dropped as many spoilers as fans might’ve wanted, but he did leave us with quite a few things to think about, including the claim that the stakes in next year’s release will be 100% higher than they were in the Russo Brothers’ last film. And since it’s mathematically impossible for this sequel to have a body count that’s 100% higher than Infinity War’s (assuming we aren’t talking about multiverse genocide here), you have to wonder what Earth’s Mightiest Heroes still have to lose that’s so important.

Perhaps a clue lies in an early synopsis for the film, which claims that “Our beloved heroes will truly understand how fragile this reality is.” Could the very fabric of existence be at stake in this upcoming flick? That certainly sounds like one way of transitioning the MCU into more mind-bending and cosmic adventures, be it further stories from the Quantum Realm or perhaps even The Eternals.

Beyond this, Russo teased that “you may or may not see” the movie’s first official trailer this year, and you can bet that a lot of fans are hoping that this is just another case of the director trolling us. Indeed, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige himself has said that the teaser will be coming before the year is out, and he’s known to be very careful with the info he discloses to the public.

Either way, we’ll find out how Avengers 4 manages to go even bigger than what came before when the film hits theaters on May 3rd, 2019.