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Avengers 4 Directors Drop Cryptic New Photo; Is A Title Reveal Imminent?

Joe and Anthony Russo may be hinting at the Avengers 4 title (or something else entirely) with this cryptic new Twitter post.

With Captain Marvel‘s inaugural trailer now out in the wild (see here), Marvel Studios is quietly beginning to divert its attention to a little-known MCU blockbuster called Avengers 4.

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That title is just a placeholder, of course, as Infinity War‘s 2019 sequel has been draped in a thick veil of secrecy for as long as we can remember.

However, slowly but surely, there are signs that Marvel Studios and the Russo Brothers are about to peel back the curtain on what is undoubtedly 2019’s biggest comic book movie in terms of scale and scope. Case in point: the directors’ latest Twitter post, which features a black-and-white image of Joe Russo (?) sitting inside a movie studio.

Surrounded by green screens and other film apparatus, the co-director appears to be typing away on his laptop – perhaps even tweeting this very photo? – while the caption reads: “Look hard.” Believe me, we’re trying…

Speculation is about to kick into overdrive, folks, as the cryptic image doesn’t reveal an awful lot about Avengers 4 – unless you’re counting the fact that the letter ‘A’ can be spotted four times in total. Fitting, really, given this is the fourth installment in the Avengers series.

There’s even been talk that Scott Lang’s Ant-Man (and the Wasp?) is tucked away in some dimly-lit corner of the set, though upon further inspection, we can’t find any traces of Paul Rudd’s miniature crime fighter.

Chances are the Russo Brothers won’t want to reveal too much, too soon, and that this photo is simply a way of placing the fanbase on red alert ahead of the imminent Avengers 4 title reveal. It shouldn’t be too much longer before the next big Marvel mash-up has been identified, and only then will we have a better understanding of the sequel’s top-secret plot.