Avengers 4 Director Gives Update On The Current Status Of The Film


Fans are desperate to get their first look at Avengers 4, the grand finale to the first ten years of the MCU that we’ve been counting down to ever since we saw Infinity War back in March. Now, in an Instagram Q&A, co-director Joe Russo has offered a status update on where they’re at with the pic.

For starters, he told fans that they’re only halfway through the editing process on A4. Seeing as filming on the reshoots only wrapped last month, that’s fair enough. Especially because the movie’s currently sitting at a whopping 3 hour running time. Because of this, effects work is only in its earliest stages and the production team is only “just scratching the surface” on VFX shots at present.

Perhaps it’s because of how early on into the post-production process they are that Joe remained so secretive about when we might see Avengers 4′s first trailer. In the same Q&A, he teased that we may or may not get it before the year is over.

Despite this, a lot of evidence is pointing to the trailer actually arriving later this month, and it’d be very much in the Russo’s style to play glib just for fun. However, it’s possible the director’s genuinely not sure, as the footage they have may not be ready for public consumption yet. Right now, it’s tough to say.

Last we heard though, the Avengers 4 trailer will debut during a Monday Night Football game either at the end of this month (November 6th) or at the beginning of December (2nd). Whenever it lands, it’ll also bring the title with it, which is perhaps just as highly anticipated as the footage itself at this point. As always, watch this space for more.