Avengers 4 Directors Say The MCU Will Continue To Diversify


Though the upcoming Avengers 4 is set to serve as the culmination point for the first twenty-two movies of the MCU, Marvel Studios is surely hoping that this superhero saga has a whole lot of future ahead of it. And while there’s still a fair bit of mystery regarding Phase 4 of the franchise, directors Anthony and Joe Russo have at least offered their assurances that the studio plans to offer better representation in their output.

Earlier this week, the filmmaking pair hosted an Avengers: Infinity War screening and Q&A, where they were asked whether further Latino characters might be introduced into the series. According to /Film’s Peter Sciretta, the Russo Brothers said in response that they don’t want to spoil anything, but they think we’ll find that the MCU will continue to diversify.

On the matter of Latino superheroes, the DCEU looks likely to beat the MCU to the punch with their newly announced Blue Beetle movie. All the same, Marvel’s executive vice president of production Victoria Alonso happened to acknowledge the lack of representation for this demographic just earlier this month, pledging the studio’s commitment to correct the imbalance. Moreover, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige announced his intentions a few months ago to bring some LGBTQ representation to the MCU, while mentioning at another event that the majority of superheroes in this saga will soon be female.

We can already see the studio taking some measure to fix their oft-criticized gender-imbalance with the upcoming releases of Captain Marvel and the Black Widow movie. Black Panther 2, meanwhile, is confirmed to be on the way, ensuring that the first film won’t be a one-off in giving black characters the spotlight. Beyond that, it’s unclear what measures Marvel intends to take in improving the diversity of the franchise, but it’s best assumed that the Russo Brothers’ bosses have some big plans in mind.