Avengers 4 Directors Troll Fans At Comic-Con About The Film’s Title


With Infinity War now in everyone’s rear-view mirror, it’s looking increasingly likely that Marvel Studios will reveal the Avengers 4 title sooner rather than later – otherwise they risk allowing it to fall into the hands of a movie tipster, ultimately ruining the entire surprise.

To his credit, head honcho Kevin Feige believes the hype and anticipation surrounding it has been blown way out of proportion, and that no matter how the studio brands the 2019 sequel, there will still be those left disappointed by the final moniker. It’s inevitable, really.

And though Marvel was more or less a no show at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Avengers 4 directors Joe and Anthony Russo made an appearance over the weekend via video message. They were helping to promote Syfy’s new TV show Deadly Class, which they’re involved with, and while speaking to those in attendance, they trolled fans in regards to the title of next May’s blockbuster.

In the aforementioned video message, the filmmakers explained that they couldn’t be at Comic-Con in person because they were too busy finishing a “little movie called Avengers…” Unfortunately, that last part was censored with a loud “beep.” The Russos then continued to speak about the sequel and each time they used its full name, a “beep” would block out what they were saying, leaving fans frustrated at being trolled.

While some may not be pleased with the brothers’ little joke, it’s understandable that all involved with the production are keeping things under wraps. At least until everyone’s had a chance to see Infinity War. Then again, the first in the two-part epic is consistently setting box office records, so those who haven’t attended a showing must be few and far between by this point.

Regardless, let’s just hope we learn Avengers 4‘s true title before the year’s out. As for when it’ll arrive in theaters, you can look forward to that happening on May 3rd, 2019.