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Beautiful Avengers 4 Fan Art Delivers The Perfect Send-Off For Iron Man

BossLogic has produced another piece of MCU fan art which imagines what is perhaps the perfect Avengers 4 send-off for Tony Stark/Iron Man.

Capping off an incredibly busy week on Photoshop, the esteemed BossLogic has rolled out his latest MCU piece, and it’s all about Tony Stark’s final moments in Avengers 4 (and the entire Marvel universe, it seems).

As is typical for a BossLogic piece, the following fan art is packed with tiny little details – like Iron Man’s iconic helmet being used to project Tony Stark’s memory in front of a grieving (and pregnant!) Pepper Potts. Make no mistake, it’s an incredibly poignant poster, and one that acts as perhaps the perfect follow-up piece to yesterday’s artwork depicting Captain America’s final dance with Peggy Carter.

Of all the Avengers, Iron Man and Captain America appear closest to the exit door – ditto for Thor – given they’ve helped mold and shape nearly every aspect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe thus far. But all good things must come to an end, as the old saying goes, and with an influx of new heroes set to pick up the flame (see: Captain Marvel et. al), it’s really only a matter of time before Steve and Tony are written out of the saga entirely.

Via BossLogic:

As you can see above, this is arguably the perfect send-off for Tony Stark, as it narrows the focus down to just him and Pepper, as they share one final moment in Avengers HQ (?).

Could this make it into the final movie? We’re not so sure, but with the first teaser trailer for Avengers 4 seemingly right around the corner (November is the current estimate), it shouldn’t be much longer before we have a better read on Joe and Anthony Russo’s conclusive blockbuster. The same goes for Captain Marvel – just don’t expect that teaser to herald the moment when the Avengers 4 title is unveiled to the world.

Expect the MCU to reach its long-awaited crescendo (for real this time) on May 3rd.

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