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Another Avengers 4 Fan Poster Invites Cap To The Last Dance

The über talented BossLogic has produced a new Avengers 4 fan poster depicting Steve and Peggy's final dance under the lights.

Of all the MCU theories to catch fire online, the one proposed by Twitter user ‘Shai Stark‘ has really captured the imagination of Marvel fans the world over.

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In case you’re not already up to speed, this speculative tidbit is essentially an educated guess about the Avengers 4 finale and what it may mean for Captain America. Spoilers: it imagines a scenario in which Steve Rogers journeys back to 1941 to reunite with Peggy Carter, his former flame, just in time for one last dance.

If this turns out to be true, it’ll make for an incredibly bittersweet end to Cap’s story, one which has arguably served as the MCU’s spine ever since The First Avenger. And now, to visualize this particular theory, renown concept artist BossLogic has drawn up a new piece depicting Steve and Peggy’s final dance.

We’re not crying, you’re crying…

Just like his nightmarish vision in Age of Ultron, this concept art rolls back the years so that Steve Rogers is standing smack bang in the middle of that dimly-lit dance hall. Only this time, he’s not alone, and is joined by his one true love.

Whether Avengers 4 bombards us with sentimentality in its final moments remains to be seen, as the Russo Brothers have kept any and all details about the MCU sequel locked away in the Marvel vaults, where they’ll likely remain until the first teaser trailer drops in November – not long after Captain Marvel‘s own footage reveal.

On May 3rd, 2019, the untitled Avengers 4 will shake Marvel’s cinematic universe down to its very foundations, before the likes of Spider-Man: Far From Home and the inevitable sequels to Doctor Strange and Black Panther forge a new legacy in 2020 and beyond.