Avengers 4 Fan Poster Teases An Incredible Return For The Hulk


We didn’t get to see much of the Hulk in Avengers: Infinity War. After a fan-pleasing battle with Thanos in the opening scene, the beating of a lifetime he got from the Mad Titan caused the Green Goliath to refuse to come out when Bruce Banner needed him most. We don’t yet know how puny Banner is going to convince his other half to show himself, but the Jade Giant is bound to make his triumphant return in Avengers 4

But how exactly could it go down? Well, one creative fan has put together a poster of an imagined scene in which Hulk smashes his way out of the Hulkbuster Iron Man armor that Bruce wore during the Battle of Wakanda at the end of Infinity War. Using the most popular choice for the movie’s title, Avengers: Annihilation, the fan poster comes with a great tagline, too: “No Hulk November.”

Though it was hard to fault much about IW, some fans didn’t take to the idea of making Hulk afraid of Thanos, as that’s how it came across as on screen. However, directors Joe and Anthony Russo have said that they didn’t intend to suggest that and the real reason that Hulk wouldn’t come out is because he’s fed up of playing the hero for Banner. That’s an interesting idea that wasn’t clear in the movie, so we look forward to seeing it explored in A4. 

The poster above seems to be based on those action figures released to tie in with the film that curiously depicted Hulk breaking out of the armor – something that never happened in the movie itself. That’s because the toys were based on earlier versions of the third act which did originally feature Hulk before the idea was made to hold him back and keep Banner in the driver’s seat.

Thankfully, we may get our first glimpse of the hero in Avengers 4 very soon, as that much anticipated trailer should be with us in the next month or so.