Avengers 4 Theory Explains How The Original Heroes Mirror The Infinity Stones


In the wake of Thanos’ finger snap, the end of Infinity War saw most of the galaxy’s mightiest heroes wiped out, leaving, give or take a Rocket Raccoon, the original six Avengers as the only ones left standing. In the time since release, Kevin Feige has confirmed that this was deliberately done to bring the story full circle in the upcoming Avengers 4. But what could the plan be for the OG heroes in the following installment, which will wrap up the story that began 10 years ago?

Well, something that fans have latched onto recently is the fact that there are six Infinity Stones, just as there are six founding Avengers. With that in mind, could there be a link there that will come to pass in next May’s sequel? Perhaps, and a new theory adds to this line of thinking as one Reddit user has now suggested which Avengers match up with which Infinity Stone.

To put it simply, Iron Man represents the Mind Stone due to his smarts, Thor’s the Space Stone because of his alien nature, Captain America’s the Time Stone due to his period in suspended animation, Hulk’s the Power Stone for obvious reasons, Hawkeye’s the Soul Stone because he’s the heart of the team and, finally – the one that the user admits is slightly vague – Black Widow’s the Reality Stone as she’s the most grounded of the group.

This theory could truly be onto something, as set photos have shown the Avengers wearing peculiar devices strapped to their hands, which fans have collectively decided are makeshift Infinity Gauntlets, with each of the six core heroes wielding one of the Stones. Maybe this Redditor has guessed which of the Stones will be matched to each character?

With Marvel forgoing Comic-Con this year, don’t expect too many concrete details about Avengers 4 to arrive any time soon, though at some point they’re going to have to tell us what the movie is actually called. Until then, though, feel free to take to the comments section and let us know what you make of this new theory.