Avengers 4 LEGO Set Leak Teases A New Vehicle For The Team


There was a time when you could comfortably rely on LEGO merchandising to spoil the plot of upcoming Star Wars and Marvel Studios movies. Though the sets often didn’t directly recreate moments from the films, you could at least get an idea of what was coming down the line. But now we’ve got our first inkling of what LEGO has planned to mark the release of Avengers 4 and they’re not giving much away except the price and the number of parts used to build the set.

Here’s the breakdown:

“76123 – Captain America Kit: $20, 167 pieces

76124: War Machine Vehicle: $35, 362 pieces

76125: Iron Man location set: $60, 524 pieces

76126: Avengers 4 big vehicle: $80, 832 pieces

76131: Avengers 4 location set: $100, 699 pieces”

It sure looks like they’ve learned their lesson on spoiler-y toy names, possibly as a result of Disney leaning on them a bit harder than usual. And though the mention of the ‘big vehicle’ for the titular team is intriguing, nothing else here really gives us much to go on.

Then again, the expectations caused by these LEGO set descriptions have led fans completely up the garden path in recent years. Perhaps the most famous example came with Iron Man 3, when many believed that the finale of the film would have seen Tony battle the Mandarin inside some kind of flame-throwing many-tentacled tank. In the big twist, however, the Mandarin actually turned out to be a completely fictional creation designed to play on American fears of terrorists (still a genius move in my opinion).

We may get a little more info on Avengers 4 once descriptions of what these sets consist of land online, but given that the Infinity War LEGO set featured Thanos riding a space bike and ‘Ebony Mo’ attempting to “penetrate the bedroom of Peter Parker,” I wouldn’t put a huge amount of stock in them. Then again, we did learn a bit more about Stormbreaker and that Shuri would be battling to remove Vision’s Infinity Stone in the finale, so who knows?

Either way, that first Avengers 4 trailer should be here soon and maybe then we’ll get a look at the aforementioned ‘big vehicle.’ Fingers crossed, eh?

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