Avengers 4 LEGO Leak May Reveal First Look At Hawkeye’s Ronin Guise


Though Clint Barton was notably absent from Avengers: Infinity War, it’s become quite clear the MCU isn’t finished with its finest archer just yet and has actually been saving him for next year, with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige teasing big plans for Hawkeye’s future.

With that in mind, everyone’s expecting a pretty significant arc for Jeremy Renner’s character when Avengers 4 releases in May, and the most popular prediction for where the hero will go is that he’ll be adopting the darker persona of Ronin. Various set photos have added fuel to this theory, too, with the actor already showing off his new hairdo and outfit that he’ll be wearing in the upcoming flick.

Now, thanks to a LEGO leak, we have what appears to be our first look at Hawkeye’s new guise. Given that this is only a toy, and a LEGO Minifigure at that, it’s hardly the best glimpse at the new costume Renner will be sporting in the film, but it does at least give us some idea of what to expect.

For those unfamiliar with Ronin, it’s basically another alias for Clint Barton, one which comes into play soon after the events of Marvel’s Civil War. As mentioned above, it’s a darker persona for the hero, too, and if the current speculation’s to be believed, then this ninja-like figure will probably have an arrow or two saved for Thanos.

After all, though the fate of Clint’s loved ones remains unclear for now, many people think that a few members of the Avenger’s family perished in the Mad Titan’s universe-wide purge, and it’s this which will ultimately push him to adopt this moodier new persona. As such, it’s entirely possible that Avengers 4 will see Clint rediscovering his less cynical side, or it may even set Hawkeye up for his own TV show or solo movie.

Either way, the answers we so desperately crave will be here on May 3rd, and we can hardly wait.

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