Black Widow Rumored To Be Involved In Avengers 4’s Yakuza Scene


Principal photography on Avengers 4 is officially underway, that much we know, but beyond alleged roll calls and rumors surrounding Marvel’s vague plans for Phase 4 – a Phase that will purportedly be shaped by the untitled Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel – Joe and Anthony Russo’s 2019 blockbuster is being kept under lock and key.

In the eyes of ardent fans, that’s both a blessing and a curse, and maintaining some semblance of secrecy simply means that we’ll just have to wait that little bit longer before our burning questions are answered.

But regardless of which side of the fence you find yourself on – the rumormonger; or the spoiler-sensitive that avoids all speculation as though it were the plague – the Marvel rumor mill is an unrelenting machine that tends to operate 24/7, and the latest purported tidbit for Avengers 4 comes to us by way of Omega Underground. Spoilers: it centers on Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff – better known to you, I, and her hapless victims as the elusive Black Widow.

Back in July, and prior to Infinity War‘s scene-stealing presentation at SDCC 2017, it emerged that Joe and Anthony Russo were casting the net in search of Japanese actors to fill out a possible Yakuza scene in Avengers 4. Word is that the Russo Brothers located extras to play Japanese gangsters and cafe patrons, along with a group of attractive Japanese women, and today, Omega Underground’s report goes one step further to claim that Black Widow will be involved in said scene.

Listed under the codename “Mary Lou,” which is believed to be the working title for Marvel’s fourth Avengers movie, the description certainly fits the bill for a ScarJo stunt double:


-Experienced Stand-In

-Woman Who Appears Caucasian (5’10-6’0)

-Very Short Hair or Bald

-Shooting overnight on August 16

Once Thanos has waged war on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and both Ant-Man and the Wasp and Captain Marvel enjoy their time in the limelight, Joe and Anthony Russo will unleash the so-far untitled Avengers 4 upon the moviegoing masses on May 3rd, 2019. That’s still an awful long way away, so until we have some firm answers for you to pour over, you can share your knee-jerk reaction to OU’s findings in the comments section.